Top 50 Free IPTV Apps for Live Streaming TV in June 2023

This guide covers the Best Free IPTV Apps for streaming live TV on any device.

The most popular free IPTV apps include Live Net TV, Pluto TV, Swift Streamz, Red Box TV, and others found in this list.

Many times, IPTV is associated with inexpensive live TV services that users pay anywhere from $10-30 per month. However, there are also free IPTV apps available that offer hundreds of channels being pulled from M3U Playlists or Xtream Codes.

Best Free IPTV Apps – Quick Look

These free IPTV apps work perfectly for those using the Amazon Firestick and any Fire TV device. These IPTV apps also work great on Android devices like the NVIDIA Shield, Chromecast with Google TV, Tivo Stream 4K, generic Android TV Boxes, and more. Since these apps aren’t available in the Amazon App Store and Google Play Store, we will need to “side-load” them using the Downloader App. This process of enabling Unknown Sources is also called jailbreaking a firestick.

While some of these free apps work well, they are not always reliable. Oftentimes, streams are only in SD (Standard Definition) quality and can annoy users with ads and buffering.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: IPTV WIRE does not own or operate any IPTV service or streaming application. We do not host or distribute any applications. We do not verify whether IPTV services or app developers carry the proper licensing. The end-user shall be solely responsible for media accessed through any device, app, addon, or service mentioned on our Website. For 100% legal IPTV service, IPTV WIRE recommends Vidgo.

If you want higher quality Live TV, reliable playback, better channel offerings, and more, we suggest purchasing an inexpensive IPTV service. This resource of Best Free IPTV Apps will be updated on a monthly basis and we recommend readers bookmark this page! For more general information on IPTV, see our popular guide below.

Before reviewing free IPTV apps, we first wanted to scan a popular free live TV application with VirusTotal. VirusTotal is a free tool that scans websites and applications for viruses/malware that may harm your device.

Best Free IPTV Apps in 2023

As of this writing, all free IPTV apps listed below are currently working and available for installation. The best IPTV apps below are ranked based on the following:

  1. Overall appeal
  2. User Interface & Navigation
  3. Playback
  4. Channel selection
  5. Ad annoyance
  6. External video player integration

1. Pluto TV

2. Live Net TV

3. Swift Streamz

4. Red Box TV

5. TVTap Pro

6. DaddyHD

7. HD Streamz

8. Kraken TV

9. Solid Streamz

10. AOS TV

In addition to the best Free IPTV apps listed above, there are hundreds of other Live TV applications and IPTV Players available online. We’ve listed more free options below, but keep in mind these apps have been unreliable and we always recommend inexpensive IPTV Services. Many of these free apps can also be found in our list of Best Legal IPTV Providers.

It’s impossible for IPTV Wire to determine whether these unverified free IPTV apps hold the proper licensing. If and when a live TV application is deemed illegal, we notify our users immediately and update reports on our website to reflect that information. In conclusion, the end-user

This article provides a list of the best free IPTV apps for streaming live TV on any device, including Live Net TV, Pluto TV, Swift Streamz, Red Box TV, and more. These apps work well on Amazon Firestick and any Fire TV device, as well as Android devices like the NVIDIA Shield and Chromecast with Google TV. However, users should be aware that some of these free apps may not always be reliable and may only have SD quality streams with ads and buffering. It is recommended to use a secure VPN when using unverified free IPTV apps and websites.

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