Streaming Site Goes Offline – Soap2Day Shuts Down

The widely-used Soap2Day streaming site has officially closed down after several years of service. As one of the world’s most popular free movie streaming sites, the platform had attracted millions of monthly visitors from all over the globe who used it to watch thousands of on-demand movies and TV shows. Its operators announced the closure on the original Soap2Day official website (, saying, “Hello guys: We have decided to close Soap2Day forever. We are very sorry. Bye.” While the reason behind the closure remains unclear, a scan of the URL on VirusTotal detected a malicious file. Users are recommended to use a trusted VPN for online identity and security protection.

The closure of Soap2Day website has left cord-cutters who stream content online without a major platform for watching. However, there are several alternative options that provide similar content options and capabilities, including Crackle, Peacock TV, Tubi, Pluto TV, and Freevee. VPN services are highly recommended for all these platforms to ensure secure connections and encrypted IP addresses. Some users have also been exploring mirror sites that have emerged since the official Soap2Day site closure, such as,, and For more information on the Soap2Day shut down, users can refer to related videos online.

Soap2Day, one of the most popular free movie streaming sites in the world, has officially shut down. The site had millions of monthly visitors who used it to stream on-demand movies and TV shows. The operators posted a message on the official website stating that they have decided to close Soap2Day forever. It is unclear what happened behind the scenes, but a malicious file was flagged after VirusTotal scanned the URL. There are various alternative streaming sites available for users, including Crackle, Peacock TV, Tubi, Pluto TV, and Freevee. Several mirror sites have also emerged following Soap2Day’s shutdown.

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